Video + Podcast

Media and podcast appearances

Unity Camfpire with Bret Weinstein and Matt Taibbi, Sept 2020

The Spectator US Edition: Interview with General Robert Spalding, Aug 2020

CovidCon by Oslo Freedom Forum, Apr 2020

What COVID19 Reveals about China’s Economic Dominance – interview with Kyle Bass

Exposing How Taiwan’s Warning Was Ignored By Corrupt WHO | CORONAVIRUS | Rubin Report, Apr 2020

Joe Rogan Experience #1427, Feb 2020

The full clip – this goes for almost 2.5 hours

Fox Nation, Nov 2019

On the NBA and China controversy

Fox News, Nov 2019

Cavuto Live

On pop culture. Where I “ok boomered” Neil Cavuto and he retorts by calling me cheap 🙂

Triggernometry, Oct 2019

Interview with stand-up comedians Konstantin Kisin (@konstantinkisin) and Francis Foster (@failinghuman)

Melissa Chen: “US vs. China is the New Cold War”

Walk-ins Welcome with Bridget, Oct 2019

Podcast conversation with Bridget Phetasy (@BridgetPhetasy)

Episode 55: Melissa Chen on Ideas Beyond Borders

Subverse News with Tim Pool, Jul 2018

Podcast conversation with Emily Moli & Tim Pool (@TimCast) on tribalism, polarization and extremism

MythCon Talk on Enlightenment Values, 2017

Enlightenment Values and Why We Need To Safe Guard Them

The Rubin Report, 2016

Authoritarianism (Pt. 2) with Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) | Melissa Chen & Faisal Saeed Al Mutar

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