To America, the Beautiful

Dear America, Thank you for being home. This is the last Fourth of July before my years lived on your soil would exceed the years I spent in my place of birth. You were there for me when I came into my own as an adult. You were there for me when everything I thoughtContinue reading “To America, the Beautiful”

On Tiananmen – the CCP’s Voldermort

Tiananmen – that which should not be named. A word so frightening and dangerous that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) goes to great lengths to purge from public consciousness. Yet another anniversary is about to pass us by, but this year’s is significant in one respect: it is the first time that Hong Kong hasContinue reading “On Tiananmen – the CCP’s Voldermort”

It’s time for pragmatism

What’s the difference between an idea and an ideology? You have an idea. An ideology has you. With covid19 coming to our shores, we’re seeing first hand where the rubber meets the road. It actively selects against bad ideas at very high stakes. The political ramifications of this public health crisis ignore our arbitrary left/rightContinue reading “It’s time for pragmatism”

Sounding Off on Seattle

If Silicon Valley and Portland had a moody lovechild with an obsession for grunge, it would be Seattle. The unassuming cloud-covered city may have an outsized footprint in the world of business (Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, UPS all started here) but it still somehow manages to maintain its countercultural edge: tattoo and piercing parlors sitContinue reading “Sounding Off on Seattle”